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This is my mom, Earlene.  A healthy active 83 year old who still mowed her yard, took care of goats, and took care of her old goat, my dad who was 86.  We had watched dad decline in health for 4 years, and expected to move her into a retirement village when he was gone.  In the blink of an eye, the unthinkable happened, and mom had a massive stroke.  She had the very best of care and rehab and we brought her and dad home with us to live.  We had very good therapists and health care workers in and out every day.  I thought my husband and I would be busy with them, but I never dreamed how demanding care is for just one person.  I was exhausted after 3 weeks and didn't know how I was going to be able to have them in my home.. 

My sister found Generations and contacted them to see what services were available.  We interviewed with Carl and found him to be  happy to help guide us in our struggle to make sure mom had the best care she could.  The dialog that convinced us that Generations would be a good fit for mom and us was "What can we do for you?  What can we help you with?  What will make this easier for you?   How much hands on would you like us to have with your mom?"    Carl did not say 'this is what we are willing to do.'  He made sure we knew they were available to help us in whatever we needed.

Not to be to dramatic, but the help we had thru Generations saved my sanity and my health.  They were willing to come in as many or as few hours as I wanted.  With mom having dementia and sundowners, I sometimes would be up all night with her, but as soon as the health aide came in the morning, I could get rest and never worried about how mom was being treated. I could take my dad to the Dr. and know mom was being treated with respect.  The kindness shown to her by everyone was so beyond what we paid for. They truly cared for mom and wanted to make life easier for all of us.  In the times mom didn't demand the aides time, they were busy making life easier for me.  They cleaned moms room, changed sheets, swept my house, did dishes, and that gave me some time.

If you are in the position of considering home health care, I'm sorry for your situation.  But Generations can help you.  They will work with you , your schedule, your health equipment needs, and the health care workers are kind and caring.  I trusted my mom and my house to them and I would do it again.  Please call or contact me if you have any hesitation or question about the care Generations will give.    Cathy S. Kellison

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