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My husbands aunt Laura has lived alone all of her life.  She has never been married and is the most independent 99 year old that I have ever seen.  She only quit driving about a month ago. 


She finally agreed to allow someone to come in and help her throughout the day.  We had Generations come in and help with cooking, cleaning, showering and other tasks to take the burden of running a house off of her.  She grew to love her home health aide, Karen. 


It wasn't long until Laura had a stroke and the needs increased dramatically.  Generations was able to increase her services to include 24 hour a day services so that Laura could continue to stay in her home to live out the rest of her life on her terms and as independently as possible.  

The owner/administrator has arranged for the delivery and setup of a hospital bed, lift chair, all bathroom equipment and even personally delivered and set up a washing machine as Laura's went out Last week.


If you are in need of a Home Care to help lighten you load in taking care of a loved one, we are truly sorry for your situation.  Generations has went above and beyond with our aunts care.  The administrator has personally driven Laura to the Dr. and been involved in all aspects of her care.  We could not ask for more.  They are great!

Pat M.

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